Standard Legal Fees for a Sale and Purchase:






Price Band Legal Fee + VAT Price Band Legal Fee + VAT
£0.00 £100,000.00 £390.00 £0.00 £100,000.00 £444.00
£100,001.00 £200,000.00 £390.00 £100,001.00 £200,000.00 £444.00
£200,001.00 £300,000.00 £420.00


£200,001.00 £300,000.00 £450.00
£300,001.00 £400,000.00 £450.00


£300,001.00 £400,000.00 £474.00
£400,001.00 £500,000.00 £480.00


£400,001.00 £500,000.00 £492.00
£500,001.00 £600,000.00 £510.00


£500,001.00 £600,000.00 £510.00
£600,001.00 £700,000.00 £540.00


£600,001.00 £700,000.00 £540.00
£700,001.00 £800,000.00 £570.00


£700,001.00 £800,000.00 £570.00
£800,001.00 £900,000.00 £600.00


£800,001.00 £900,000.00 £600.00
£900,001.00 £1,000,000.00 £800.00


£900,001.00 £1,000,000.00 £800.00
£1,000,001.00 £2,000,000.00 £1500.00


£1,000,001.00 £2,000,000.00 £1500.00
£2,000,001.00 £3,000,000.00 £2000.00


£2,000,001.00 £3,000,000.00 £2000.00
£3,000,001.00 + £2000.00


£3,000,001.00 + £2000.00

The above fees are indicative.

Typical Fees on Initial Quote: (inclusive of VAT where applicable)

Office Copies £6.00
ID Verification (per person) £15.00
Bank Transfer Fee (per transfer) £48.00
SDLT Return Fee £54.00
Land Registry Search £3.00
Land Charges Search £2.00
Search Pack £298.20


Please see the below list of our charges for Legal Services outside of the normal scope of your Conveyancing transaction that may be applicable. All charges are exclusive of VAT.

Service Description Cost
Acting for a company on a purchase without a lender When a property is being purchased in a company name without a mortgage.

*unless this has been quoted differently this fee will be applied

Acting for a lender on a sale Where there is a mortgage on the property there will be a charge for dealing with the lender’s requirements in discharging the mortgage and complying with the lender’s requirements to remove the charge from the property.

*unless this has been quoted differently this fee will be applied

Acting for a lender on a purchase Where a mortgage is being arranged to finance the purchase of a property there will be additional work involved in acting for the lender, protecting their interest, reporting to them on the property, requesting the drawdown of funds from them and finally registering their charge against the property.

*unless this has been quoted differently this fee will be applied

Acting for more than one lender (fee per lender) – Sale On a sale transaction, if there is more than one lender registered, this fee covers acting for each additional lender. £150


Acting for more than one lender (fee per lender) – Purchase On a Purchase transaction where there is more than one lender, this fee covers acting for each additional lender. £190


Acting on a matter that becomes abortive Where a matter becomes abortive, we will make a charge for the work done which is calculated based on the amount of work done including communication and legal work.

Please see the ‘No Longer Proceeding’ policy.


Please ask for a quote

Acting on a shared ownership property


Where a property is being purchased as part of a Shared Ownership Scheme, this fee is charged to cover the additional work required to be done. £125
Acting on the staircasing of a shared ownership property This fee includes signing the Final Signing Memorandum and registering this with the Housing Association and obtaining the Final Staircasing Memorandum signed by the Housing Association. £280


Acting on unregistered properties There is considerable additional work required to be carried out when a title to a property is not registered. The work involves delving through many years’ worth of documents and ensuring all necessary information and deeds have been supplied. This applies to purchases and sales. £250


Additional land registry application Where it is necessary to apply to land registry to amend the registers during a transaction. For example, if the property address is incorrect or if the name on the deeds has been entered incorrectly. £125
Arranging an indemnity policy This is sometimes required where a building regulations certificate or other similar document has been lost or was not obtained and the policy is required to protect the buyer. £80


Dealing with a restriction in the title In the title to the property there is a legal restriction restricting the sale of the property and we are required to confirm the requirements of the restriction and ensure compliance with the restriction on completion.

*This is charged per restriction



Dealing with a sale or purchase subject to a tenancy Where a sale is subject to a tenancy agreement, specific enquiries need to be dealt with in relation to the agreement and the benefit of the agreement needs to be transferred to the buyer. £150
Dealing with a rent authority letter Where the property is currently tenanted and a rent authority letter is required to be served on the tenants. £100
Dealing with freeholder/management company Dealing with a management company on a freehold or leasehold sale. £185
Dealing with a second management company/managing agent Dealing with separate management company/managing agent on a freehold or leasehold sale or purchase. £185
Cheque returned unpaid/stopped at customer request If we issue a cheque and the client requires us to stop the cheque and reissue it with different details. £40


Dealing with a deed of surrender A deed of surrender would be required if you owned a leasehold property and part of the property is to be surrendered to the Landlord, for example, a garage.



Please ask for a quote


Dealing with a Help to Buy loan This is a Government scheme to help people with buying a property. The loan becomes a second charge on the property. This requires considerable additional work and documents to be completed. £175


Dealing with a Help to Buy redemption When paying off a Help to Buy loan in part or full. There is post-completion work that requires administration £175
Dealing with Help to Buy ISA This is a scheme backed by the Government. The Help to Buy is where a purchase is supported by means of an ISA. £50


Dealing with a Lifetime ISA When purchasing by means of an ISA. £175
Dealing with housing association We may be required to liaise and deal with a housing association on the sale or purchase of a share ownership. £300


Dealing with additional titles If there is more than one title, for instance, where the property is in one title and the garage in another. £260


Dealing with solicitors instructed by you on a related transaction Dealing with solicitors instructed by you on a related transaction £150
Dealing with Right to Buy Fee The Right to Buy Scheme is a Government run scheme to help people who have been paying rent for some time to buy their property at a reduced rate. £150


Dealing with formal legal undertakings Dealing with a formal legal undertaking. For example, this can be a guarantee we give to pay a third party a set amount by a set date.

*This is charged per undertaking

Dealing with solar panels This applies to sales. A situation where a property benefits from solar panels or has entered into an agreement or lease with a solar energy company which must be assigned to the purchasers on completion. £200 – £300


Dealing with third party lawyers (e.g. matrimonial dispute) Where we need to deal with a third party set of lawyers, for example, this would apply where a divorce has taken place and the property is still registered in two names. £200


Deed of Appointment of new trustee A situation where the property is held in joint names, but one person has died and a new trustee needs to be appointed as two trustees are required to convey the property. £200


Deed of covenant (drafting, engrossing and registering deed) A covenant is a promise not to do or to do something in leasehold titles, it is usually a requirement that you will comply with the negative and positive covenants contained in the lease and the landlord requires the new tenant to covenant directly with them.

*This can be applicable to freehold properties



Deed of gift Where a parent or friend offers a cash sum to someone to assist them buying a property. This is applicable whether or not a mortgage is obtained.

*This applies per gift



Deed of variation of a lease Where a variation to the Lease is required, for example, there is an error within the lease. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Drafting additional contract packages for  a sale contract race each Where the seller wants to send out more than one contract to a second or third potential buyer.

*This applies per additional buyer



Disclaimer of liability If you require Bespoke Law Services to send proceeds/funds/money to a bank account that is different to the bank account that you specified on our sales questionnaire or omitted from the sales questionnaire. £75
Dealing with an estate agent on your sale If you are selling through an estate agent we charge a fee to liaise with them during the transaction and to settle your invoice on completion. £75
Fee for verifying the client’s source of funds


We are required to verify the source of funds for any money sent to us over £1,000 to ensure compliance with Anti Money Laundering laws. £80
File retrieval after completion (from archive storage) If you require us to recover your file from our archives this is the fee we charge for that service. £80


Fraud restriction registration This is a service we offer purchasers to register a restriction on their new property to help prevent fraudsters from attempting to sell the property by adopting their identity. £80


Fraud restriction certificate When a certificate needs to be provided to another solicitor or lender to confirm the seller is the proprietor. £185
Grant of a new lease The fee is charged when we are dealing with the grant of a new lease on your purchase. There is additional work involved in reviewing and amending the lease to ensure this covers any rights or obligations and we need to ensure the property is adequately protected within the lease. We will also be required to register the new lease with Land Registry. £250
Key undertaking If, between exchange and completion, the buyer wants access to the property for repairs, the seller may be persuaded to agree if a key undertaking is signed to protect the Property.

*This is charged on both sales and purchases due to the legal nature of the document.



Leasehold Transactions Where a matter turns out to be leasehold or has a leasehold element. There is a large amount of additional work involved to comply with the terms of the lease or transfer and to correspond with the landlord and/or managing agents as well.

*unless this has been quoted differently this fee will be applied

License to assign Sometimes in a lease the written consent of the landlord will be required if the existing owner wants to sell to someone else. This is the landlords consent. £225


Lawyer check disbursement


This fee would be incurred in conjunction with the Fraud Prevention Investigation to ensure that the seller’s solicitors bank details are correct. £25
Member/share of a management company If there is a management company mentioned in the lease, it may be a requirement that the Seller was issued with a share/membership in the company which, on completion of the sale, needs to be transferred to the Buyer.

*This applies to sales and purchases



New build fee There are several additional large documents which need to be considered when buying a newly built property. £500


Occupier Consent This is charged when the lender requires an occupier to sign the mortgage deed on a purchase. An occupier is usually someone over the age of 18 who will be residing at the property on completion but will not be named on the title to the property. £80
Private loan agreement This fee is charged when you are obtaining a loan from either friends or family to assist with the purchase. We will be required to verify their evidence of funds and to register the loan with land registry on completion. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Sale/purchase of freehold reversion interest alongside purchase of leasehold This situation would arise where you are buying/selling a leasehold flat as well as acquiring/selling an interest in the freehold. £395


Voluntary lease extension There is a considerable amount of work to be carried out but each title is different so are able to give a quote once we have considered the lease. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Purchase of the freehold reversion As above, there is a considerable amount of work to be carried out but each title is different so we can give you a quote once we have seen the lease. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Porting mortgage fee The fee is charged where a mortgage is being ported due to additional work dealing with the lenders requirements. £75
Removal of registered caution/charge (each) A caution is a form of a loan or debt incurred by the seller which needs to be removed. For example, an electricity provider may lodge a caution against the property if unpaid. £185


Retention – dealing with retention money on a sale or a purchase


Where a retention is required to be held on completion to cover an excess of service charges, this fee covers the cost of the additional work required to manage and audit this retention, deal with the calculation and finally distribute the money. £450
Reviewing an auction pack (Traditional Auction) Investigating the available package of documents, including searches, and reporting to you on the title. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Reviewing an auction pack (Modern Method) Investigating the available package of documents, including searches, and reporting to you on the title. £175
Serving notices of assignment on landlords/management company (per notice) This will be a requirement of the lease and the lease will state who to serve the notices on and any additional fee required by the landlord/management company.

*This is charged per notice



Separate representation on a Transfer of Equity If there is separate legal representation for the other party within a Transfer of Equity transaction, we charge an additional fee to liaise with the other solicitors. We are required to deal with any additional enquiries that may arise and approve and finalise legal documents with them. £200
Statutory declaration, for title rectification or other reasons For example, if there is a small piece of land added to the rear garden which is not included in the title to the property, the declaration sets out how and when it was acquired. We would have to draft the deed and send for signing. £185


Telegraphic transfer fee (per transfer) For each payment sent by telegraphic transfer (bank transfer), this fee is charged to cover the fee the bank will charge us for dealing with this and for the administration of sending any funds. £40


Third Party Payment This is charged when we are required to make a payment to a third party on your transaction. £75
Transfer of equity Where two people owning a property jointly do not want to continue to hold as joint tenants but wish to revert to holding as Tenants in Common. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Transfer of part – Freehold Where, for example, you might want to sell your garage to your neighbour and keep the remainder of your property. You would be splitting the title.  You would then be transferring only part of the title. £250


Transfer or discharge of legal aid charge This is for discharging a legal aid registered charge on the title of the property. £190


Trust deed A trust deed will set out how the property is held and by whom and in what shares. £300


Voluntary first registration for a sale property If your title is unregistered you can apply to the land registry for voluntary first registration so that when you come to sell the property you are selling a registered title and any problems are already resolved. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Listed Building Dealing with a listed building. £100
Online verification of power of attorney Making an online application to verify the validity of a power of attorney.

*This is charged on sales and purchases



We can arrange for your Wills to be drafted but they are drafted by a different department. Variable

Please ask for a quote

Exchange and Completion
Simultaneous exchange and completion Exchange of contracts on same day as completing the transaction. £225


Expedited completion (less than 5 working days between exchange and completion) When contracts are exchanged the normal period between exchange and completion is 14 days, however, if you want to do the completion within 5 working days we will have to prioritise your matter over others and give your file precedence which incurs considerable additional work. £145


Prioritised Completion Prioritised completion is where we have prioritised your completion over others with less than 10 working days between exchange and completion. £75


Removal of restriction other than a charge Removal of Restriction other than a Charge £200
Copy of the register post-completion We will send you a copy of the register after completion on your purchase once Land Registry have transferred the property into your name. £48

Some clients have received emails purporting to be from Bespoke Law Services requesting funds to be sent to a different and new bank account.