Refund Policy

We offer a fair, reasonable and straightforward refund policy when it comes to matters becoming abortive.

If the matter goes abortive at an early stage and little or no work has been done, the client/customer will not be charged any legal fees. If the matter is at a later stage, we will charge in line with our abortive fees. For more information on our abortive fees, please contact us.

Delivery of Service

Once we have received your instruction, you will be assigned to a solicitor. You will receive their details in your welcome pack email. The welcome email will also contain attachments, some of which you will need to complete and return to us.

Payment and Currency

We accept payment in Pound Sterling (£) GBP via Worldpay on our website or you can make a telephone payment by calling 0345 373 2030. Alternatively you can make a bank transfer payment. Please note that we will never email our bank details for security purposes. To obtain our bank details, please contact us on the number above.

Conveyancing Stages

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